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Sound Bath Women's Circle
with special guest Vivian Morningstar

In this two hour special event gathering, you will be guided to connect deeply with the Divine Feminine within, and raise your energetic vibration through Ancient Sound Healing and Women's Circle Ritual.


Vivian Morningstar

Coach, Mentor, Modern Mystic, Spiritual Nihilist, Certified Sound Ceremony Facilitator.


What is a Sound Bath?


A sound bath is a meditative and healing experience where you are essentially bathed in sound waves.

Sound healing is an ancient healing technique that’s been used for centuries. It uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.

Sound healing operates on the principles of resonance. That is, everything in the universe resonates at a specific frequency, including our bodies.

By applying the sound frequencies created by the crystal bowls, it slows down the brain waves to a deeply restorative state which activates our body’s natural healing system, for deep healing on a cellular, emotional and spiritual level.

What is a Women's Circle?

Circle is an intimate, sacred, calm and safe space for women to gather in community, connect deeply to their inner Spirit, and share wisdom.

Circle is guided, no experience necessary.

It is open to women of any age and background.

After Circle closes, there will be time for informal visiting, tea, and chocolate.

Questions? Feel free to reach out at anytime.

What to Bring

Yoga Studio

Yoga Mat & Pillow

You will be guided to lay down during the 30 minute Sound Bath. Feel free to bring a blanket and eye covering as well.



Spiritual support tools are often used in sacred Circle to help us align with certain energy.

Cute Notebooks

Journal & pens

After your sound healing journey, you may wish to journal your thoughts and experiences. There will be time to share.

Dreaming image with group of females friends hug each other all together looking the sunse



  • Listen with respect and compassion.

  • Self-responsibility: You are invited to be in your own experience, and to let go of any need to caretake or fix when another woman is sharing. Give her the opportunity to speak and be heard. 

  • What is shared in the Circle, stays in the Circle.

  • Please no cell phone use during Circle.


  • Sharing is optional.

  • Be mindful of allowing time for others to share 

  • Let your words rise from your heart. Try to not to plan what you will say when it is your turn. Let whatever comes up, come up.


Vivian Morningstar is a coach, mentor, sound ceremony facilitator, modern mystic, spiritual nihilist, and self-proclaimed professional weirdo. She believes you can do anything with your life and that's the whole point. Viv's mission is always in making life a little more magical.


Please only book your spot if you are committed to attending. 

Because life happens and things come up, please give 24 hour notice if you are unable to attend. 

                                                                                     Sorry, no refunds.​

Thank you for understanding.

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