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~Your Personal Soul Journey~

Hello friend!


As a Holistic Healing Guide, I put a high emphasis on Spiritual Well-being as part of a healthy relationship with one's Self.


I strongly believe that everyone already has all the answers inside them - we are all born with powerful, innate wisdom. But life has a way of blocking out that connection to one's Higher self or Soul, and we forget who we really are. Society conditions us, and our experiences and perspective's shape us. Often, we become lost or stuck and we struggle to find our way.


This is why I offer Intuitive Readings, to support you spiritually!

Intuitive Readings are very different from my coaching practice because I am not offering tips and tools...your soul is! Intuitive Readings are messages from your spiritual support team! I just connect to and intuitively interpret those Divine messages for you. I believe I have been called to do these kind of deep, intimate personal readings for those who are curious because of my training as a trauma-informed crisis counselor. I can gently provide answers in a safe, confidential space.

Spirit will only give you the answers that you are ready to hear, for your highest good.

What answers are you seeking?

Do you need some clarity or direction on a certain matter?


Are you wanting confirmation on something you can't quite decide on?

Are you simply curious about your spirit team, "signs", past lives or karma? 

Here is what one client had to say about her reading:

"Anya is the real deal. Incredibly intuitively gifted and just the sweetest, most beautiful soul as well. I had the most powerful session with her today - highly highly recommend!"


How it works:

~ When booking your session time, please note that it will be held on Zoom, and last approximately 30 minutes.

Please provide 5 questions to ask your spirit team! There is nothing else you need to do.

~ I will connect to your Akashic Records BEFORE your session and ask your questions.

~ I will send you a link to meet at your scheduled session time on Zoom after the reading is complete.

~ During the Zoom session, I will go over all the Divine messages with you! 

Readings are a beautiful, intimate look at your soul's journey and are held with the utmost reverence and confidentiality. Thank you for the honour and privilege of trusting me with this deep, empowering and healing experience.

The cost is $60 per reading, and are available now!  (Sorry, no refunds.)

I am so excited to work with you!

Take care of your Self, friend. 


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