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Foggy Waters


  1. Are your sessions covered under insurance? Unfortunately, not at this time. 

  2. What are your credentials? I am not a licensed therapist, or certified counselor. I am a guide, with training as a sexual assault and crisis counselor.

  3. If I book an individual coaching session, do I have to commit to a session each week? No, I am happy to do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. I will ask you for your reasons to not commit to this time for yourself, and explain the benefits of regular sessions. But this is your journey, and you should always feel comfortable doing what is best for you.

  4. What is your cancellation policy? I understand that things come up, and I do not charge for missed appointments. I'd like some notice if possible! I will inquire about your safety and try to rebook you.

  5. Can I change my appointment time each week? Of course! Schedules can change and I am flexible.

  6. What if I don't like how our sessions are going? There is no commitment. I will try to explore how we can work together better, but sometimes, it is not the right fit. Unfortunately, payment will not be returned.

  7. I've never talked with a guide. What is a session like? Every guide has a different style. I listen to your goals and your struggles, and together we try to unbind the things that are holding you back, in a gentle, safe and supportive space. 

  8. Where are sessions located? I am flexible to do online, via zoom sessions, or in person at my home in a private space.

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